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Was founded in 2019 to provide a professional hospitality management service that built, maintain and manage the apartments. villas, hotels, and restaurants to be more improved and increased their direct online and offline bookings by our Sales marketing and management Strategy based on the best and excellent services to the Customers and Guests. Every day ARM Hospitality the best quality Of services like no one else.


Being a good hospitality company in Indonesia for all business stakeholder and blessing by providing working opportunity and development with measurable concept, excellent services and good quality management based on Indonesian’s culture


  1. Provide a good quality services
  2. Share empathy to all stakeholder with hospitality standard service
  3. Create innovation services according to market demand
  4. Improve the professionalism and member development with a good quality attitude
  5. Bring the blessing by the company, ensure the business’s growth and improving for all members and stakeholders

Interested in joining ARM Hospitality?

We Provides the overall assistance from beginning up to the progress of project development and advice on the flow of a property development and property acquisition circle.

Why You Should Choose ARM Hospitality

In the dynamic world of hospitality, selecting the right partner to manage your hotel apartment or private pool villa is crucial for success. At ARM Hospitality, we bring a wealth of experience and dedication to the table, ensuring that your property thrives and exceeds expectations. Here’s why you should entrust us with your property management:

Established Expertise

Since our inception in 2019, ARM Hospitality has consistently demonstrated our prowess in the industry. With a proven track record of successfully handling 6 Hotel Apartments and 3 Private Pool Villas, we have honed our skills and refined our strategies to provide you with top-notch service.

Revenue Enhancement

Your success is our priority. ARM Hospitality is laser-focused on maximizing your property's revenue potential. Through meticulous market analysis, innovative pricing strategies, and targeted marketing efforts, we drive sustainable revenue growth for your property.

Reasonable Management Fee

We understand that profitability is key, and that's why we offer a competitive and reasonable management fee structure. Our aim is to provide you with exceptional value while ensuring that your investment remains lucrative.

Market Diversity

The hospitality landscape is diverse, catering to various types of travelers. At ARM Hospitality, we recognize the importance of tapping into every market segment. Our strategies are designed to attract leisure travelers, business professionals, and families alike, ensuring a consistent flow of guests.

Unwavering Transparency

Transparency is the foundation of trust. We believe in open and honest communication with our partners. You'll receive regular updates on the performance of your property, financial reports, and insights into our strategies, fostering a strong collaborative relationship.

Comprehensive Management

Leave the day-to-day operations to us. ARM Hospitality offers a fully managed solution, handling everything from reservations and guest services to maintenance and housekeeping. With us at the helm, you can focus on your core objectives with peace of mind.

Dedicated Team

Our success hinges on the dedication of our team. At ARM Hospitality, we have a team of passionate professionals who are committed to the success of your property. Each member brings their expertise and enthusiasm to create a winning synergy.

In conclusion, ARM Hospitality stands as a beacon of excellence in the hospitality management realm. With a track record of achievement, a revenue-focused approach, reasonable fees, market diversity, transparency, comprehensive management, and a dedicated team, we are your partner of choice in achieving your property’s full potential. Join hands with us and witness your property thrive in the capable hands of ARM Hospitality. Contact us today to embark on a journey of success together. Your property deserves nothing less than the best, and that’s exactly what we deliver.
Akomodasi Raya Management

We Offers A Full Property Management

In ARM Hospitality, We Continuously Strive to Ensure a Profitable Business for Both Owner and Investor. 

Professional Property Management

Concept Consultation and Curation, Legality Consultation Phase, Weekly Report on the Construction, CCTV & Internet Set Up, Interior Consultation, Running Trial Period, and New Re- Marketing Strategy

Full Management

Providing full-service management responsible for all operational, administrative, and marketing aspects of property

Revenue Oriented

Dedicated Revenue Team, Property Evaluation, Earnings and ROI Projection, Revenue Optimization's by implementing Pricing Based on Real Time Data, Dynamic Pricing and Flash Report

Marketing And Branding

Professional Seles Team, Setups on OTA, Social Media, Google Business, Property Website, Content Creators, Online & Offline Travel Agent Corporation.

Property Operational

General Security Service, Gardening, Utilities, Pest Control and Houses Keeping

Talented People

We provide the services of employees for the property as reasonably required. Hiring, Training, Dedicating and motivating all staff.

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